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Home Assistant for Home Automation2021/01/07 19:30Andreas BöhlerHome Assistant for Home Automation In 2020, we completely renovated our home. During this process, we had the chance to decide which cables to run and to integrate a home automation right from the start. I'm not a big fan of proprietary servers and controls, so KNX and co. were out of the game.
DiY Somfy Blind Control2015/02/18 22:28Andreas BöhlerDiY Somfy Blind Controls My flat came preinstalled with Somfy window blinds and a remote controller. However, no wall switches were installed and no timers or any integration with a home automation system was present. As I recently purchased a MiCasaVerde VeraLite, I wanted to integrate the blinds into the system.
Linux on the DNS-320L2015/02/18 22:37Andreas BöhlerLinux on the D-Link DNS-320L I recently purchased a D-Link DNS-320L, hoping that it would be similar enough to the DNS-320 to get Linux up and running. Turned out that I was wrong. The DNS-320L features a different, but similar CPU and is tighter controller by an additional microcontroller.
DokuWiki PlugIns2015/03/03 12:42Andreas BöhlerDokuWiki PlugIns DokuWiki is my favourite Wiki platform for doing all kinds of things. This website runs on DokuWiki, too. Being a very powerful Wiki, it can be easily customized and extended with plugins. For various projects and use-cases I neede to create or enhance a PlugIn.
LG ACB83002016/01/02 16:43Andreas BöhlerLG ACB8300 The LG ACB8300 is a cheap monitor calibration utility. It is designed for LG monitors and is currently only supported by LG's True Color Pro software. I bought such a device, even though I don't have a LG display. My initial thought was that the device was just another rebranded colorimeter - but it turned out it was wrong.
LT_Presentation2016/01/27 14:11Andreas BöhlerLT_Presentation As a teacher and lecturer, I need to give talks and presentations quite often. Usually, I write my presentations in LaTeX and use a PDF viewer like Atril (Mate Document Viewer) to display the slides. A few months ago, I also bought a Logitech R400 wireless presenter as well as a Genius Ring Presenter and an ISY Presenter to control the presentation. This works quite well if the document viewer is the active window. However, I tend to have either a script or different other thin…
monitorDaemon2017/11/22 20:31Andreas BöhlermonitorDaemon Another handy tool I wrote to ease my duties as teacher and lecturer. monitorDaemon automatically remembers display (monitor) positions based on the EDID of the display (only). Usage Start monitorDaemon, by default it sits in your system tray and does nothing. You need to click the symbol and enable
Python dund replacement (PalmOS connectivity)2018/12/04 19:06Andreas Böhlerpydund - Pyhon dund replacement (PalmOS Bluetooth connectivity) Years ago, when I was still at school, I bought a Palm Tungsten T3 PDA. A few days ago, I resurrected the device (i.e. replaced the battery and started using it again). The PDA still works fine, however Bluetooth HotSync doesn't work anymore since the required Bluetooth-daemons on the Linux-side are deprecated.
Linux/OpenWrt on the TP-Link RE200v12020/01/26 16:32Andreas BöhlerLinux/OpenWrt on the TP-Link RE200v1/RE200v2 Over a year ago, I got a TP-Link RE200v1 for free. Quickly, I discovered some severe limitations in the Firmware and wanted to port OpenWrt to the device. The first problem was opening the case: It's welded together.
Linux/OpenWrt on the AVM FRITZ!Box 33902020/01/26 16:53Andreas BöhlerLinux/OpenWrt on the AVM FRITZ!Box 3390 Since we have DSL-based Internet in the office and at home, I'm interested in capable WiFi routers with DSL modem. Finding such a device with OpenWrt support is not exactly easy. Basically, only Lantiq devices are supported, but WAVE300 WiFi is not. Thus, the options are very limited.
Linux/OpenWrt on the AVM FRITZ!Box 34902020/01/26 16:55Andreas BöhlerLinux/OpenWrt on the AVM FRITZ!Box 3490 After working on the 3390, I bought a used 3490 which is more capable (twice the RAM, Flash and more WiFi bandwidth). Currently, I'm experiencing problems with the xhci controller, but apart from that, it's working fine.
Linux/OpenWrt on the SERCOMM NA502/NA502S2021/05/19 21:22Andreas BöhlerLinux/OpenWrt on the SERCOMM NA502/NA502s In our home, we renovated two of the three floors. Thus, one floor does not have the necessary wiring in place to support the devices we're using on the other floors. Since I already had some experience with Z-Wave, I decided to look for a Z-Wave gateway.
Linux/OpenWrt on Alcatel HH40V2023/04/08 12:44Andreas BöhlerLinux/OpenWrt on the Alcatel HH40V I needed a cheap LTE router for some quick tests and bought a used Alcatel HH40V for cheap. It's based on a QCA9531 SoC with 128MiB RAM and 16MiB flash and it's running an old, customized version of OpenWrt on this SoC. The LTE module is based on a Qualcomm module and is running its own, customized Android stack.
Linux/Openwrt on ZTE MF282/MF287+2023/05/23 22:13Andreas BöhlerOpenWrt on the ZTE MF282/MF282+/MF287/MF287+/MF287Pro (DreiTube/HuiTube and DreiNeo) The ZTE MF282 aka 3 HuiTube / DreiTube and the ZTE MF287 series aka DreiNeo are both routers with integrated LTE modem, made exclusively for the network operator 3 in Austria. I ported OpenWrt to all devices of these series and found an easy-to-use unlocking method for them (with the exception of the MF282+).
Photobox v12020/07/10 15:51Andreas BöhlerPhotobox v1 Ever since I saw a Photobox at a wedding I was invited to, I wanted to build my own. Several years later, I finally did it! This is my first photobox build, so some things might not be perfect, but so far it works great! Features * Compact
Photobox v22020/07/10 16:04Andreas BöhlerPhotobox v2 After building V1, I decided to build a second one with less flaws than the first one: * Soft Power-on/Off * Single power supply operation * Printer display visible * Focus assist light * Externally accessible HDMI port * Better screen resolution
Streamingbox / Photobox v32020/07/10 16:06Andreas BöhlerStreaming Box / Photobox v3 As a teacher, I was recently (due to the Coronavirus restrictions) forced to teach only half the students in class, the other half would be at home. I decided to live-stream my classes and looked for an easy solution. In the end, I used my Photobox knowledge to build something similar for live streaming, but with a few different components/requirements:
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