Upgraded ThinkPad X240 touchpad and Windows 10

A few weeks ago, I upgraded the touchpad of my X240 to the newer X250's variant featuring physical buttons. It worked out-of-the-box on Linux and using a specific driver version also under Windows 7.

After upgrading to Windows 10, the physical buttons wouldn't work at all and I started messing around with the Synaptics driver. It seems that the wrong driver is installed, as soft buttons are reported in the control panel.

When I poked through the SynPD.inf file, I noticed that there are quite a few registry settings that influence the behaviour of the driver. I researched my device ID and the device ID of the X250 and found out that the X250's device ID is LEN0046, while mine is LEN0038.

I came up with a registry patch file (it's actually a .inf, you need to install it with a right click → Install) that converts the settings to LEN0046. I only incorporated the changes necessary for LEN0038 → LEN0046, but I'm quite positive it works with other devices as well.

You can download the patch file here.

2015/10/18 20:04 · Andreas Böhler · 1 Comment

New Company R'n'B Medical Software Consulting GmbH

I always wanted to start my own company, but for years didn't have either the idea, the resources, the courage or a combination of these factors to do so. Finally, last December, I founded, together with a colleague, the R'n'B Medical Software Consulting GmbH.

The idea behind this company is to help others be successful in the field of medical informatics. We help with regulations and development of medical software, either standalone or integrated in a medical device. Currently, we focus on Austria and Germany, therefore our Website is only available in German.

2015/03/09 15:01 · Andreas Böhler

DokuWiki 2Factor Google Authentication Plugin

Personally, I use DokuWiki for various things. Recently, I stumbled upon the Google 2Factor authentication and looked for a DokuWiki plugin. There was a very basic one, that only supported one static key for all users. Based on this implementation, I decided to create my own implementation.

This version supports multiple users with different keys, user self service via the Update Profile link, force and hint on non-existing keys as well as a very basic admin interface.

Find the code in my hg repository at

2015/02/20 14:16 · Andreas Böhler

Authenticate openERP against postfixAdmin database

We recently set up an OpenERP system as well as a mailserver based on postfixAdmin. In order to authenticate OpenERP users I've developed a simple app for OpenERP to authenticate against an arbitrary mySQL database. Currently, only the crypt() password method is supported, but database, table and column details can be configured in the company settings.

The module is heavily based on the LDAP integration for OpenERP and works the exact same way. That is, upon first login, a OpenERP user with an empty password is generated and a template user is copied. If configured correctly, postfixadmin's E-Mail address will be set for the new user.

You can find the details (and the code!) in my mercurial repository at

2015/02/20 14:15 · Andreas Böhler

Arch Linux on the DNS-320L

I recently purchased a D-Link DNS-320L, hoping that it would be similar enough to the DNS-320 to get Linux up and running.

All further progress is now documented on a separate page on my homepage at DNS-320L

2015/02/20 14:14 · Andreas Böhler
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